Avengers, Disassemble! (Then totally reassemble!)

In the last update I applied the ideas of Petros Vrellis to my image evolver, to recreate pieces of art out of a single piece of thread.

If occurred to me that it would be quite easy to animate between different evolved images, if they contained the same amount of lines. I could evolve one image with a given number of lines, then evolve it into another image with the same number of lines, before animating one into the other by interpolating the vertices between the two.

After playing about with a few art inspired images, I decided to dump the idea of sticking with classical paintings and went for a much more modern (and suitably geeky) muse: The Avengers.

So I set about cutting up a series of google image search results into 256 * 256 image files, then set the system to work evolving them into 10,000 lines apiece.

Here are my candidates for evolution (click any image to expand):


This went reasonably well, but at an hour each it took quite a while to evolve each character and produce a series of lines I could animate into each other. There’s also the issue of all the images not being the same overall level of light/dark. This meant that 10,000 lines was too few for some of the images and too many for others. With the help of a technical artist (or someone with ten minutes Photoshop experience) I’m sure I could produce something with more finesse.

Here’s how they looked once evolved into line drawings (click any image to expand):

If you’ll remember from last time, every line in the image has to touch the edge of the circular loom. I hope you appreciate that when you see what a good job evolution has done. There are certainly characteristics that make an image easier to evolve in this way. The lines need to come into the image from the edge, so having a light border and dark interior leads to the sort of image you see in the Iron Man result, where strong lines internal to the image (the eyes for example) bleed to the edge of the frame. Having areas of high luminosity were also difficult (Iron Man’s eyes again) and don’t really stand out as lines that crossed those portions were required to darken other areas of the image.

After evolving each image for an hour or so, until the continuing fitness gains were minimal,  I put it all together by interpolating between the line positions for each image.


I have to admit I’m not happy with the transitions involving the lighter images (Iron Man and The Hulk) where the easiest thing for evolution to do was throw a bunch of lines to the edge of the image to get them out the way, before dragging them back in for the next transition, but it doesn’t look too shabby for a first attempt.




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